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Hey there. For those who don’t know me, I’m Justine M. Lichtenstern, On-line Coach, Personal Trainer, and MacNutritionUni Certified Nutritionist in Training.

If you are new to counting & tracking macros start here with my free calculator.

Whether you are a veteran or brand new to counting macros, I hope you will see how important flexibility is to your long term success.

As someone who has been in this field for 20+ years, I’m a firm believer that your training and nutrition should benefit your life and make it richer – not more complicated and stressful.

PERFECTION is NOT your friend. CONSISTENCY will beat perfection and your attempts to be perfect, every time, hands-down.

So if you’ve been purposely avoiding family outings, get-togethers with friends, birthday parties, weddings. anniversaries or if you’ve been – God forbid – bringing a food scale with you to work, restaurants or your friend’s house, you really need to take stock of what is ruling and probably ruining, your life.

You can easily not track 36 days out of the year and that would merely be 10% which would mean that you are still remaining 90% compliant: 72 days & you’re still at 80% compliance. I would call 80- 90% a pretty great success!

So let’s get this stuff in perspective and not let it take over our quality of life.

And if you’d like some help figuring out this stuff or finding balance- I can help you with that too. Balance and getting people results are my specialty.

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