This is the blog home for our women’s only Facebook group: Flexible Dieting and Optimal Training – The Ultimate Lifestyle for Women. We are a group of women interested in pushing themselves in training and nutrition in order to get the most optimal performance, strength, body composition and physique results.

We read and dissect science journals (well, I do). We subscribe to AARR and MASS (google them) We are not your typical *diet and exercise* fluffy hand holding- help me starve myself so I can fit into my little sister’s/daughter’s skinny jeans – bs group. There are plenty of those proliferating facebook, so if that’s what you came here for- wrong group.

We are about #liftingheavyshit and fueling properly for our goals. IDGAF if you’ve never stepped foot in a free weight area or have a Wilkes score of 350, all I ask is that you are willing to pay attention, listen, learn and have a desire to get strong AF. That’s it.

Owned by Justine M. Lichtenstern. On-line Coach, Personal Trainer, and MacNutritionUni Certified Nutritionist in Training.

For custom Macro or Training Programs email “Programs” to fdotprogramorders@gmail.com

For coaching inquiries or to be put on my Waiting List, you can reach me at jmlichtenstern@gmail.com


A¬†little history about me & the group since we are approaching 6000 members and I’m sure most don’t know any of the backstory.

I took over this gorup 2.5 years ago when it was a small fledgling fasting group & the owner wanted out.

Victoria, my admin & most loyal elf – was also admin back then. I kept her. (I’m no dummy. She’s smarter than everyone in this group put together). Anyway, I changed the group name, dynamics & banished the woo; effectively creating a mass exodus of most of the members, especially the veterans who were obsessed with IF, HIIT & BCAA- 3 of my triggers to this day. They were also chronic dieters, wheel spinners & wouldn’t know a barbell compound if it poked them in the eye. (The good ones stayed) And here I was, bulking! Getting fat ON PURPOSE. Oh, the Shame. The Inhumanity.

My intent was always to provide women with quality, evidence-based information as opposed to opinion, “It works for me” and other arbitrary nonsense. To empower them to get off the chronic dieting, wheel spinning, body shaming, fascia blasting, hating their bodies, I must starve & do tons of cardio & go to the gym because I hate my body, I mustn’t get bulky & never eat carbs or sugar or gluten or anything that tastes good because that makes me dirty & bad & high reps & blah blah IG, bro bullshit nonsense pseudoscience wheel.

Along with free advice, I put out loads of original content & began charging for coaching. I quickly built up a substantial & successful clientele. Word of mouth travels fast. This group became the home for my clients as well. I didn’t need to develop a website as the people who wanted to hire me always seemed to find me. And it was mostly from outside this group.

Then most recently, when I was kicked from both IIFYM groups (too much potatoe mashing and free advice), the requests for admittance to this group shot through the roof. In the past, we had only been accepting on average about 20% of requests. I was trying to keep the group small, mostly for clients & evidence based peeps looking for more serious discussion regarding training & nutrition. The potatoe mashing was reserved for, well the potatoe groups. LOL (“potatoe” with an ‘e’ is just our catch-all for those unwilling to listen to evidence and common sense and prefer the statements “It works for me” and “Everybody is different” aka “special snowflakes’)

By now I felt I had to open our group up so that we could provide a home base where women could receive solid evidence based information with respect to all things training and nutrition.

Obviously word got out because we increased from 2000 members to almost 5000 members in a matter of a month or two. And it could’ve easily been double had we not been so selective in the past.

So here we are. Fighting the good fight. Mashing potatoes one by one as we encourage and empower women to love their bodies and not be forced into a mold that society deems appropriate for them. We remind them that they are NOT broken and they have every right to go boldly into the weight room and simply #liftheavyshit.

May, 2017


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