Don’t fear the scale

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I say the right picture is priceless. And I’m not talking about a Picasso.

If you are trying to build muscle yet are still obsessed with the scale and wanting to weigh LESS? Well, you’re doing it wrong.

You want to weigh *more.* Yup. MORE muscle = MORE scale weight = leaner, tighter & doing it RIGHT. Once the muscle is built then you can focus on cutting down the fat gained. But you will want to weigh more at the end of each bulk/cut cycle or you’ve merely spun your wheels and made zero gains.

This also goes for already lean people who are recomping: the scale means little if you are getting stronger & building lean mass. It may change slightly or not at all. Go by the mirror, strength increases and physical changes in your physique.

Somehow I highly doubt the twin on the right gives a shit that he weighs 30 lbs more…OF SOLID MUSCLE.

MORAL OF THE STORY: STOP OBSESSING OVER SCALE WEIGHT! As illustrated, you are wasting energy on something that is pretty irrelevant to progress for body comp and muscle gains.

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