Embrace the suck

The hunger, cravings & food obsession (food network, anyone?) you experience while dieting are NOT strange or unusual. Not in the least.

You are not different or unique.

Everyone has similar alterations in hormones while dieting and the side effects you experience are due to those altered hormones and your body’s attempts to return to homeostasis. It is all perfectly natural and expected.

Learn to work with your body not against it:

  • get more sleep
  • destress with a hot bath, sex, sauna or massage (dieting is a major stressor on the body)
  • eat enough protein
  • control your food environment (do not buy what you cannot fit or cannot moderate)
  • keep family snacks in cupboards out of sight and away from eye level
  • cook your own meals
  • have pre-portioned, prepared meals ready to heat and eat
  • skip restaurant food/fast food/take out
  • eat more high volume foods like potatoes, beans, vegetables, fish, lean meats, dairy, oats and berries
  • eat less highly palatable foods (they won’t keep you full and may trigger a binge)
  • meal prep and buy only what you need for the week – don’t buy it if you can’t eat it.
  • embrace the suck
  • get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • consider refeeds and diet breaks as needed based on body fat

Once you accept that the correlating symptoms and feelings from dieting are ‘normal,’ it may free you to simply get the job done.

What are some of your favorite ways to succeed while dieting? Do you fight hunger or embrace the suck?

From the study review below

“In conclusion, evidence supports that weight loss increases appetite sensations, and promotes changes in homeostatic and non-homeostatic control of feeding, which collectively seem to upregulate appetite in women.”

Weight Loss and Appetite Control in Women

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