What The Health: A Crockumentary

I haven’t spoken much about the crockumentary “What The Health” because quite frankly, it’s annoying AF and I’m sick of hearing about it. It’s come up in here and been discussed briefly but I had no intention of beating it to death and was quite adamant that I was NOT going to do a PSA. No way. Boring and redundant. And more than a bit insulting to anyone with 1/2 a brain.

Moreover, it’s been critiqued up and down and sideways by people who are smarter and more well spoken than I. And so I’ve been purposefully ignoring that train wreck.

Then I reminded myself that if I am being inundated with talk of meat, eggs and dairy causing cancer and diabetes, then most likely many of you reading this may be as well. And you are probably confused about what to think/believe and uncertain about what is fact vs. fiction. Should we all just go vegan??

So I started mulling over the half truths, blatant misrepresentation of facts and evidence being skewed. Pretty scary stuff. Pretty convincing too. I know It needs to be addressed. I want you to be informed with evidence based knowledge in order to respond to the nonsense. We are, after all, potatoe mashers.

Back to the crock of…alarmist scare tactics from people who most certainly believe in their cherry picked data and animal – rights’ militants who don’t think anyone should EVER eat ANY animal product because it’s just immoral. I don’t bother with nutjobs. Do your thing but let the rest of us do ours – (FYI – I was vegan for many years – had zero to do with feeling badly about eating animals; nevertheless, it’s a personal choice that is yours to make. Just don’t push your agenda on everyone else).

So by now I’m being asked by people IRL why aren’t we ALL vegans if it’s the answer to disease and mortality. (It seems everybody wants to live forever) My grandparents lived into their 90’s drinking too much, smoking in excess and eating gobs of red meat, fried pork skin, pigs feet and butter sandwiches. I don’t think I want or need to live longer than that.

I’ve repeated numerous times that diet is NOT the only indicator of mortality and disease. Nope. Don’t believe me? Google the “Blue Zones.” Here, I did it for you: Ikaria, Greece; Okinawa, Japan; Ogliastra Region, Sardinia; Loma Linda, Calif.; and Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica.

These are places where the world’s longest living people reside. Here’s what they eat, on average: 65% carbs (take that Paleo – you only lived to 30’s), 15% protein and 20% fats (keto can suck it).

Depending upon what part of the world they inhabit and their agriculture and culture, some centenarians eat much higher fats, much more animal protein from meat and cheese, smoke, consume alcohol daily, take regular naps and have lots of sex. They are also active. Again, diet is NOT the only indicator of mortality.

Interesting fact with respect to the Loma Linda 7th day Adventists: Pesco-vegetarians in the community, who ate a plant-based diet with up to one serving of fish a day, lived longer than vegan Adventists. Ouch.

Okay, now back to the crockumentary and the crux of this post. Below is a link to a very smart critique by one of my most favorite websites. You can literally search any topic and get lost for hours.

Please read the full article and digest as much as you can so that you may arm yourself with the current research and all of the relevant evidence. This way, you can respond intelligently and authoritatively when asked by your friends, family members or neighbors.

Or just memorize this part from the conclusion of the article linked below: “There are undisputed health advantages to a plant-based diet, but the evidence is insufficient to recommend that everyone adopt a vegan diet. The What the Health movie is not a balanced documentary, but an alarmist, biased polemic. It cherry-picks scientific studies, exaggerates, makes claims that are untrue, relies on testimonials and interviews with questionable “experts,” and fails to put the evidence into perspective. It presents no evidence to support the claim that a vegan diet can prevent and cure all the major diseases. It is simply not a reliable source of health information.”

⚡️BEWARE ⚡️when you hear someone demonize any food or food group, make blanket statements about what is ‘best’ for everyone or use the word ‘toxic.’ RUN- because they’re full of toxic shit!

What the Health: A Movie with an Agenda

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