Finding your why – Part 2

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NEVER ACCEPT DEFEAT! (Long post alert- cursing involved)

So I’m hoping everyone has had some time to think about their “WHY” and come up with some answers and short term feasible goals.

I sure have, so I’ll go first. Mine used to be to be the biggest, strongest, natty, old AF badass in any gym I walked in. LOL And usually, I was. But then I got very sick and my goal was just to get better, get some strength back and hopefully get back to training- my very first love.

Being stuck housebound and practically bedridden for 7 weeks (this separate from the year+ of being very sick nearly every other month) really put things into perspective and brought the basics to the forefront. Like a strong, healthy body and mind and never taking either for granted.

During those 7 weeks I never worried about my diet, feeding my cravings, lack of training, nonexistent NEAT, getting fluffy or the thousands of calories I consumed daily – half just in ice cream. Shout out to Sylacauga for her delicious gift that was all happily consumed.

I only hoped that my formerly strong body wouldn’t let me down and that the good habits, consistency and strength I built up over 40 years would carry me through. But part of my disease is abnormal physical weakness due to many factors, one being the depletion of ATP (the body’s energy source) and a reduction of nerve based motor command to working muscles that result in a decline force output. So aside from the obvious effects of 7 weeks of no activity, I had the misfortune of almost no muscle strength which was why I couldn’t even walk my dog.

And so my first week back to training was both frightening and humbling. I barely managed an empty bar, light dumbbells and machines. My entire body (CNS) shook uncontrollably under the weight of just the bar. I had safety bars on the highest setting just in case my legs gave out under the weight.

The next week I gradually moved up to a plate, light dumbbells and machines again. I could feel every muscle working under the weight and after my first squat session with a plate on the bar (135) I had the worst DOMS I’ve ever experienced. I couldn’t train legs for another 5 days as the pain was horrific.

The third week was more of the same as my confidence grew and my body grew stronger and started making the neural adaptations with less effort. I increased my squat to 185. Might as well have been 600 lbs as it felt like dead weight. All other lifts improved and I started to feel more confident.

By the fourth week, I am overjoyed to report that I managed a 225 squat & 300 DL for reps!! No, not PR’s but damn good for legs that couldn’t even walk just over 4/5 weeks ago.

I have had a tough few days this past week, had some neurological issue affecting my gait, the leg numbness worsened and I am sleeping close to 16 hrs a day, so I simply did less heavy training & focused more on form, ROM, training to failure & lighter weights/higher reps. No excuses. If I can walk to the gym, I can train.

So that’s my WHY. To stay strong and healthy AF. To lead and inspire when circumstances are far from perfect. To tell you that there is no perfect and there never will be. There is here and now. Make the most of it. Stop with your ridiculous excuses. Get your head out of your ass and stop feeling sorry for yourself. There will always be obstacles and we all face burdens- whether physical, psychological, spiritual or some combination of all three.

But know you are stronger than your circumstances. You are stronger than your mind wants you to believe. Don’t accept weakness, frailty & injury without a fight. Fuck them. Push past what is uncomfortable, painful and what seems impossible. Create the story you want to tell. Be a fucking badass.

We will all come face to face with hardship. (If not now, then consider yourself lucky, but it will come) So be prepared and be strong. And fight. Whatever your battle, whatever your demon- DO NOT cower in the corner. Fight.

Moving forward, I’m just going to do what I do best… Eat. Hahaha! Oh and train. As long as I can walk, my ass will be #liftingheavyshit. And just live, inspire, teach, coach, mash potatoes and enjoy every moment of being a badass along with all of you, many of whom helped and encouraged me so much along the way. I am grateful for the unconditional love and support and hope that I can repay it tenfold.

Okay—————–> your turn

——-> Your goal and your “WHY” <—–

No judgment. Would love to hear from everyone- especially those who mostly lurk. Let’s just be real and figure this shit out.

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