Finding your why

Some thoughts/idea on goals & finding your WHY. Seriously, if I had $1 for every person struggling to lose those last 5-10 lbs who are unable to answer “Why?” I’d be one rich bitch.

If you can’t answer that or if your reason is that you think you would be happier, more loved, more respected, etc., you need to do some serious soul searching. (Not talking about people wanting to get ‘lean enough’ to bulk)

I’m not saying you should never have fat loss goals or that losing weight is a BAD goal. It’s not. Especially if you are obese or very overweight. Then health & longevity is as good a reason as any.

However, if fat loss has been your main goal your entire adult life, yet it has eluded you and you still cannot answer the question “Why?” then maybe it’s time to choose a different goal, set a more realistic goal or completely change direction.

If you have been dieting far too long & still haven’t reached your ‘goal weight’, then perhaps it’s time to change direction.

If you don’t enjoy your training, your lifts suck, you’re making little to no progress bc you are chronically underfed, underfueled, tired, cranky, dragging & feel like shit, perhaps it’s time to change direction.

If you are so afraid of anything less than perfect, any deviation from your perfect tracking and perfect macros, yet you still can’t reach your goals, you’re simply doing it wrong. There’s a better way and it often involves more freedom and flexibility and less restriction.

If what used to work for you no longer does, then yup, it’s time to change direction.

I’m here to tell you that there is a better way. Instead of trying to see how little you can eat to get to your desired weight, how about trying to see how much you can eat to properly fuel your training and stop playing it safe and underperforming?

How about shooting for intensity, performance, muscle and strength GAINS and aiming for MORE instead of LESS? How about trusting your body to be more and do more instead of always expecting it to do less and be less?

Again, if you have always done things a certain way and are not seeing the results you desire, perhaps it’s time to come up with a new strategy and change direction.

At the same token, if you’ve got a lot to lose but need to tighten things up and get serious about making progress, then perhaps it’s time to set a short term goal with a concrete timeframe and stick to it.

If any of the above describes you and you are ready to make a change, comment below and let’s see if we can stop the wheel spinning and come up with a better way.

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