Programming 101

FYI stick to the tried & true. No need to reinvent the wheel, we know what works. So enough with the mental masturbation, overcomplicating and paralysis by over-analysis.


Greg Nuckols on programming:

People try to make programming way way way too complicated. Here are some commonalities of (almost) all successful programs:

1) Practice the lifts you want to improve at

2) Do each lift between 1 and 4 times per week

3) Pick accessory work to bring up weaknesses. 30-50 reps, with 8-12 reps per set is a good place to start.

4) Get the bulk of your volume between 70-85% of your max

5) 10-15 total reps for main lifts on heavy workouts (85% or more), and 25-40 total reps for main lifts on lighter workouts (below 85%) is a good starting point.

6) Have some sort of progression. Add weight, add reps, add sets, etc. over time. If your main goal is putting on muscle, focus more on progressions that increase volume, and if you main goal is strength, focus more on progressions that increase load (in the short-term, at least).

7) If you’re getting bigger and stronger, stick with it.

8) If you’re not improving and you’re feeling run down all the time, do a little less.

9) If you’re not improving and you always feel fresh, do a little more.

If you have those things in place, it’ll be a pretty solid program.

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