Programming and Program Hopping

You know those first 8+ weeks when you start a new program and your strength is through the roof and you’re hitting PR’s and making all those noob gains? CRAZY, right?

Sure are. They’re called neuromuscular adaptations. Sure some are legit strength gains but you’re not making hypertrophic gains. Nope.

And so when you get bored and shiny new object syndrome sets in and has you scrolling bodybuildingdotcom or Kayla whoever or Chris Geffin or whatever high rep, super-setting, interval training ‘program’ du jour you decide to dump your solid 5×5 programming for (because let’s face it, 5×5 is hard AF and NOT sexy to noobs, especially around the 6/8 week mark) just remember – you LOSE those weeks worth of adaptations when you dump the BIG 5 for that junk volume (cable kickbacks and front delt raises, anyone?)

Now you get No hypertrophy. No gains. (Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.)

So good luck with the gains. Or lack thereof. But at least you know why you aren’t making any.

Oh, and the “gains” part assumes you are in a surplus OR in the alternative, are an overfat beginner.

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