How to spot a bad coach


First: Do your due diligence. Ask to speak to both former & present clients. Ask lots of questions. Then ask the person you are thinking of hiring lots of questions like the ones below. If said person gets irritated with your questions then that right there is a red flag. They should treat you no differently before you are a client than after.

Second: What is their training philosophy? Do they believe that you must utilize low weights and high reps and lots of metabolic conditioning, increased heart rate & feel the burn & sweat & blah blah blah in order to lose fat? Because no. Wrong. That’s precisely how you lose your precious muscle in a deficit.

What builds the muscle, keeps the muscle. *Training doesn’t change based on body composition goals. Diet does.* (Read that again) So you lose fat by eating less. Period.

Third: If they say you cannot build muscle in a deficit- wrong again. This triggers me. Science says otherwise. Experience says otherwise. My clients show otherwise. And let’s face it, “most” people haven’t trained hard enough to even be considered anywhere near advanced- so please -you’re a novice (maybe an intermediate). Maybe. You sure as hell can recomp with a proper program. *Proper being key.

Fourth: What is their nutritional philosophy? Do they think everyone needs high carbs even if they are carb sensitive? What if you like Keto? Will they work with you? Do they just assign everyone 1 gram protein per lb of bodyweight without consideration for LBM & goals? These are important considerations. So ask these questions before you hire the person.

Fifth: Do they have a set day/time for progress updates where assessments are made and questions & concerns are addressed?

Sixth: Is this a full time job or a hobby? Do they have a family at home? May or may not be relevant depending on how busy they are & how many clients they have.

Those are the big ones that come to mind. Keep in mind, no coach is perfect. No client is perfect. Both must do their share. But a coach cannot want you to succeed more than you want your own success. We can only coax & guide & provide the knowledge & foundation.

I know I take it as a personal failure if I do not help a client succeed or at least move closer toward her goals. I can only think of one time that has happened. Turns out the client wasn’t following my program and never bothered to check in. She just disappeared. She apparently thought I was going to hunt her down. I have since added that to my programs: “I do not hunt you down for check ins- they are your responsibility.”

If someone contacts you & solicits without you having contacted them first- big red flag IMO. That reeks of desperation.

Feel free to share your own coaching horror stories. Leaving out names please!

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