Body Recomposition

✅ I’ve been wanting to do a PSA on body recomposition for a while. I posted Amber’s transformation pics last week because I wanted to set the stage to have you thinking LESS about your diet & MORE about your training.

✅ In a nutshell, most (yes, I said most) people simply do not understand how imperative proper training is to body composition.

✅ Everyone talks about cutting to lose fat or bulking to gain muscle. Everyone is always worried about the perfect cutting numbers and the perfect bulking numbers. Finding maintenance, finding TDEE. Well, I’ve got news for you: it’s like finding OZ. Big let down.

✅ But there is an in-between place that gets ignored. It’s called “body recomposition.” It is widely considered the Holy Grail of physique transformation. I think it’s an appropriate title.

✅ We hear all kinds of views on this topic. Ranging from

“it’s just not possible” to

“everyone can do it” to

“it’s like watching paint dry.”

✅ Well, as with most things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. And context is vital. The thing is that when people talk about it “not being possible,” they’re usually talking about people who have been training with solid programming and progressive overload for many many years. And who are already lean.

✅ But the truth is, that does not apply to most people. In fact, I’d say it doesn’t apply to 98% of women. I work & interact with women all day, every day and have to some degree for over 20 years and most of them are on shit programs, have never utilized ANY program- let alone a proper one focusing on core compounds and any kind of periodization.

👎🏻Those interval classes, high intensity classes, circuits, kickboxing, Zumba, metabolic complexes, etc., will only “work” in the beginning. And they are still no substitute for a proper program. They are far from optimal. In fact, do them bc you enjoy them but don’t think they’re doing much more than building your aerobic capacity, giving you a decent calorie burn & making you feel like you did something bc you’re sweaty & exhausted afterward.

** In order for muscle to grow, it must be exposed to a stimulus that is greater than what it was previously exposed to, aka PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD. **

👉 Again, most women have never practiced progressive overload, have never tracked their lifts, are program hoppers, get bored easily, prioritize cardio & classes over resistance training, go by what “feels” like it’s working and really don’t have a clue how to use a barbell properly or utilize their training to completely transform their body composition.

❌ And no, you don’t build abs in the kitchen: You build abs in the weight room utilizing progressive overload. You diet down to reveal what you’ve built AFTER.

✅ Diet is a very small piece of the puzzle. It’s importance grows as you advance & are pushing leanness levels or when you are very overweight; but for the majority of you reading this, you can make crazy gains with proper programming at ANY calorie level.


💯 Ideally, if you have some fat to lose, I like a slight – moderate deficit. It tends to work well for building muscle and providing enough energy to train with intensity while also burning some fat. This is precisely what I did with Amber. She stayed at 12 calories x bodyweight for the entire 12 weeks. She only lost 5 pounds total but more importantly, lost 9 inches overall while obviously gaining muscle mass. And Amber was not a new trainee. But her programming was less than optimal.

✅ Simply put, without proper programming you are simply spinning your wheels. I don’t care if your diet is perfect and you hit your macros every damn day for a year.

💪🏼 Oh & FYI if someone asks you what your BIG 3 Numbers are & you don’t know- well your training (probably) sucks. (Or if you respond with your leg press total, sorry, that doesn’t count.)

🙌 Again, here is Amber (see group) in her last check in. 12 weeks from left to right. (Only) 5 lbs total lost. 9 inches total lost. Gains? Infinity.

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