How not to lose muscle when dieting

Because this is NOT common knowledge to all of our bad asses:

• If you want to lose mostly FAT, then you must be in a caloric deficit & train with resistance. Period.

• If you diet without the resistance training then you will lose some fat & some muscle (which is never a smart idea as a) muscle burns 3x the amount of calories that fat does & b) muscle takes up 1/3 the space that fat does.

For the purposes of this post, let me stress that loss of muscle mass means a drop in metabolic rate. Muscle burns ~ 6 calories per pound compared to fat burning ~2 calories per pound. So hang on to the muscle you have unless you’d like a slower metabolism.

• If you are perpetually dieting without adequate resistance training (No- cardio, running & stair stepper are NOT resistance training) & protein consumption to maintain your lean mass, then I know why you think you have a broken metabolism. 🤔You don’t – you just keep losing muscle & therefore burning even less. And each & every time you diet this way, you lose more lean mass.

• Same with crash diets, liquid diets, WW, low protein diets, etc. Sure you’ll lose plenty with low calories- but are you losing mostly fat or mostly muscle? If you continue dieting improperly then you shouldn’t wonder why you need to eat so much less now than you used to in order to maintain.

• If you are in a deficit on paper, in your mind or according to your activity tracker, yet aren’t seeing the scale move downward OR tape measurements decreasing OR clothes fitting more loosely- then I’ve got some bad news for you – YOU ARE NOT IN A DEFICIT. So either blame poor tracking, not giving it enough time for actual progress to catch up or amnesia – but either way you are simply eating too much.

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