Abs, the holy grail

The second most asked question is “how can I get abs?”

Now I know many of us are bored with this topic & don’t really care about abs- for the most part, generally speaking, having defined abs means you are great at dieting. It tells us nothing about your muscle mass or strength – only that you are great at chronic dieting & being under fueled & perhaps were an athlete when you were younger.

But here’s the real answer to that question: You don’t have abs because you never bothered to build them. You are a chronic dieter & you do tons of crunches, planks, V ups, etc., but you haven’t bothered to take the time to build them with resistance (weight) utilizing progressive overload while eating IN A SURPLUS. Why would they grow any differently than any other muscle?

Sure, some people have better genetics than others or were young athletes & built them there. But if you are otherwise lean for your height & you don’t already have ab definition- ooops, they’re probably not going to magically appear when you lose those last 5 lbs. So get to building & stop thinking you can grow muscle out of thin air & bicycle crunches. 😂😂😂

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