Post Holiday Feels

Anyone who’s been in this group for more than 10 minutes knows that we are not for restriction and compensation.

I believe that food is fuel- but it’s also love, comfort, home, sexy, delicious, fun & life sustaining.

Food should provide nourishment & even enjoyment. It should not provoke feelings of guilt, recrimination or negative self- worth.

However, having said that: If you have enjoyed & indulged these past few days but are now having trouble limiting yourself & your intake AND ARE FEELING BADLY ABOUT IT, please consider stopping the behavior that is causing you to feel bad about yourself. If the cookies on the counter call to you & you cannot resist & eat them & then feel badly, get rid of them.

And if eating whole minimally processed foods makes you feel leaner & less bloated & allows you to train hard without feeling stuffed, then stick to those choices.

Of course, the food itself is never the issue, it is the feelings associated with them. We cannot always control the feelings but we can control the choices we make. And this is the reason why controlling your food environment is so important for so many.

So no self sabotage, no guilt. We are adults. Let’s make adult choices about our health & take responsibility for how those choices make us feel.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays with loved ones & training like the bad asses I know you all are 💪🏼💪🏼

Join us in the group to discuss (Ladies only please)


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