10 ways to ruin a perfectly good holiday meal

1) bring your own Tupperware meals (because I’m hardcore bro)

2) insist on eating only white meat; not because you like it but because it has less fat/calories (be sure to apologize for not leaving any for sandwiches)

3) announce to everyone at the table the macro nutrient breakdown of each dish – because you science- while adding “do you know how much fat is in that ____________?” (Insert fat laden food)

4) constantly refer to how balanced & flexible you are because you are able to NOT track for one meal (hardcore, yet not obsessive)

5) while simultaneously adding up every last gram of p, f & c so you can compute corresponding calories to ensure you spend an extra 2 hrs in the gym tomorrow burning it off. (Compulsive behavior anyone?)

6) skip on the pie (again, hardcore bro) but wake up while everyone else is asleep & polish off the remaining pumpkin, pecan & apple pie as well as the ice cream & whipped cream toppings. (Restrict/binge mentality)

7) Talk about how you follow IIFYM or Paleo, Keto, “clean” eating , gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, processed free, GMO free or vegan & make sure everyone understands this is just a one time free/cheat/refeed meal because it’s a holiday – but you normally stay on track 363 – because goals! (minus Xmas & thanksgiving only)

8) post on all your favorite facebook groups the next day how the scale is up 6 lbs & you don’t know what to do because you feel so fat & bloated. Make the decision to fast for the next 2 days to mitigate it. Live in the gym so you don’t have to be around any leftovers.

9) end up saying “f*** it” because you already gained 6 lbs overnight & ruined your progress; you may as well binge for the remainder of the holiday weekend. (Unfortunately, all too true)


Eat all the food in moderation, enjoy the day with friends & family & use the extra calories to PR your squat, bench or DL the next day. (Not leg press bc that’s not hardcore bro)

**Be grateful you have such difficult choices to make with regard to eating delicious food (many don’t have the same luxury)

***And above all else: do not punish/guilt yourself for enjoying a meal(s) with family. Food is not the problem. Fear is. So let it go. No judgement. No punishment.

Happy Thanksgiving! ❤️

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