To scale or not to scale

This is my fave PL’er, Katie Anne – natural competitor.

I sometimes get annoyed when people say “F*** the scale” because the scale can be an important tool- especially if you are overweight & trying to lose or bulking & not looking to get fat AF.

But if your focus is performance & you are squatting 400 lbs & building a shit ton of muscle…..well, not so much. Scale weight only measures the pull of gravity on an object. It doesn’t tell how much lean mass you have.

So use it, but don’t get married to the idea of reaching some arbitrary number without context.

Join us in the group to discuss and see the pic (Ladies only please)

“Something I posted on Snap Chat yesterday. The scale is ONE indication of progress. And sometimes demonstrates how much of a body comp change you’ve made in a few years. I weigh the same in both photos (157 lbs at 5’7. 2011 vs 2016).”


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