Paralysis by Over-Analysis

I’m noticing an epidemic of paralysis by over-analysis in here especially as of late.

So let’s break it down. Science can tell us what is optimal under controlled circumstances – controlled being the operative word- and then we can apply those training/nutrition principles to achieve a desired goal.

But here’s the thing: you can take 2 people with the exact same stats & goals and give them the same exact nutrition and programming, yet due to numerous variables, both that can be controlled (training intensity, progressive overload) and uncontrolled (genetics) you will have completely different outcomes.

There are no magic macros, plans or programs. YOU determine your results.

So let’s break it down further:

If you want to lose fat, you must be in a calorie deficit & train with heavy weights. Novices should be doing 3 full body days (SL, SS) until they can no longer progress. *if you’re not losing scale weight or inches then you are simply NOT in a deficit. Period.

If you want to gain muscle, you must be in a surplus & again, train with heavy weights. Same programming for novices. Either way, lift heavy shit. *if you’re not gaining weight then you’re NOT in a surplus. Period.

Intermediates can do an U/L split or PPL working in different rep ranges on different days- 2x per week for each body part.

It’s not rocket science. You almost cannot do it wrong if you eat to support your goal (deficit, maintain, surplus) & lift heavy shit focusing on barbell compounds adding some accessories & sprinkling in some cardio.

So please stop asking everyone for their specific macros, programming & cardio frequency & type bc it really doesn’t matter. You have no idea what kind of intensity they train with or what kind of genetics they’ve been given.

There is no perfect formula for success…it’s all individual.

If you want to know more and expand your knowledge in these areas, then please watch & study the links below. It is virtually everything you need to know.

Here is the ORIGINAL YOUTUBE SERIES this goes hand in hand with his ebooks with the same name.

This is a great comprehensive series that covers the bases of NUTRITION and TRAINING, reaching your goals and “how to” do so.

The Muscle and Strength Nutritional Pyramid series from Eric Helms.

Part 1: Level 1 – Introducing the pyramid and Calories.

Part 2: Level 2 – Macros and Fiber.

Part 3: Level 3 – Micros, Vitamins, Minerals and Water.

Part 4: Level 4 – Nutrient timing and Frequency.

Part 5: Level 5 – Supplementation.

Part 6: Level 6 – Behavior and Lifestyle.

This is a great comprehensive series that covers the bases of TRAINING, reaching your goals and “how to” do so.

Part 1: Level 1 – Pyramid INTRO.

Part 2: Level 2 – Volume, Intensity and Frequency.

Part 3: Level 3 – Progression.

Part 4: Level 4 – Exercise Selection.

Part 5: Level 5 – Rest Periods.

Part 6: Level 6 – Tempo.

Join us in the group to discuss (Ladies only please)


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