Prioritizing weight training over cardio

Do whatever you prefer. Just don’t think it’s doing anything but burning calories.

Those back & side leg lifts on the stair master? Nope, NOT building anything. Just burning calories. Now go Spread the word.

Cardio does not build anything – it burns calories- so whether you burn 300 calories doing an hour of LISS or 300 calories doing HIIT- your body is still catabolic- burning calories, NOT building muscle.

There’s no “toning” lol. You are either in a surplus building muscle or in a deficit burning calories. You can get that deficit via eating less food & adding in some cardio but NO CARDIO BUILDS MUSCLE OR “TONES.”

You can eat less & lose weight/fat (the latter if you’re also weight training) and therefore the muscle under the fat will become more defined – hence “toned” but you’re not “toning” the fat- you’re losing it. You’re burning it. Burn fat, build muscle. There’s nothing in between.

Now, as I’ve said numerous times before if you are an overfat beginner you can recomp (build muscle while losing fat) but again these are 2 different systems at play. Catabolic (burning fat) & anabolic (building muscle). And muscle will never get built from cardio even in the presence of a caloric surplus.

*One caveat there was a study of professional sprinters eating in a surplus doing sprint- only work who gained muscle. Read: athletes at super lean bf% & eating in a surplus – aka none of us. Lol.

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