Plant Based Proteins Gains?

Thinking of trying a plant based protein? Here’s some important information for you. Plant protein makes a great alternative to whey, especially pea protein. The main property that determines the anabolic effect of protein is the leucine peak it generates. The leucine content of the protein and the digestion speed of the protein together will... Continue Reading →

Fitness or Fatness? Which Matters Most?

Chart here showing risk of all cause mortality based on BMI weight categories (which are bs but that’s the “medical standard” so let’s go with it) and then same weight but physically “fit” (tested by one’s cardio-metabolic fitness) You’ll note that the overweight unfit peeps are healthier than the average weight unfit peeps and that... Continue Reading →


Probiotics are becoming increasingly known for being useless and a waste of your cash. These are the first human studies to measure the effects of probiotics in the gut microbiome, not the feces. Worse than useless, the 2nd study showed probiotics to have some long term harmful effects when used after antibiotics. From the study:... Continue Reading →

How Important Are Genetics?

A widespread notion you will hear from the fitness world and your favorite fitspo is that if they did it, so can you. Or that it just requires some hard work and discipline and you too, can achieve their same goals. While I never said those exact things, I did believe them to be true;... Continue Reading →

Healthy eating vs. Intuitive Eating

Let’s discuss... Diet culture’s version of “healthy eating” vs. Intuitive Eating for physical AND mental health. 🌝The differences are like day & night. 🌚 🔹Below are the components of “healthy eating” that are regularly taught and sold to people:​​​​​​​ Aim to go as long as you can between meals. If you eat too often you’ll eat... Continue Reading →

Just move it!

Life-tip: Find something you enjoy doing that gets you up and moving. It doesn’t have to be training with weights or marathon running. It could be a dance class, yoga, ping-pong, rock climbing, swimming, basketball, walking or literally any kind of movement you enjoy. Find something you enjoy doing and do it! Make your own... Continue Reading →


Many of us spend entirely too much time trying to micromanage muscle gains. The ‘formula’ for muscle growth is not really that complex. The difficult part is that it takes patience, time and hard work. You can’t expect to grow muscle over weeks - or even months- at a rate that is visually noticeable. “The... Continue Reading →

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