Orthorexia – The not so healthy healthy eating approach.

🆘 I want to address a very real problem that comes across my path more often each and every day. 🍎 Orthorexia is the “healthy” eating disorder. The one where society applauds your perfectionism, thinness, self-control and “clean” eating and where you tell yourself you are simply a purist when it comes to food and... Continue Reading →


No Resolutions! Commit to building good habits instead.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! So I keep seeing these FB posts & group posts with all these ‘words of wisdom’ and rah rah bullshit like ‘2018 is your year’ blah blah. Let’s be real. 🙄 It’s just another day/week/month/year. And you may mean well but if you don’t put in the work and put it in... Continue Reading →

Meal Prepping 101

👩🏻‍🍳I am genuinely shocked at how often I am told by both clients and group members that they feel it is difficult to find delicious, protein-rich, dare I say “healthy” meals that they want to cook, eat and enjoy. 🌮 Now, if you've been eating restaurant food, takeout and other prepared meals frequently, then home... Continue Reading →


👉 One of the buzzwords we hear in the fitness industry and from potatoes like Dr. Oz and Mercola is that cortisol will halt fat loss and/or kill your gains. 👉Nonsense. 👉 Cortisol, much like insulin, is a very necessary and beneficial hormone. *Chronically* elevated cortisol, however, is not a good thing. Just like chronically... Continue Reading →


Different Like You with Lisa Bachman ➡️ She definitely gets it right about resistance training. No doubt. It’s the secret sauce and the missing variable in our diet/cardio crazed world. Everybody wanna shapely bod- nobody wanna lift heavy ass weight. ➡️ However, the effect of aging on metabolism is actually quite small. On an RMR... Continue Reading →

I can’t lose! Must be the mold… 🙄

Let's have some FUN. 🎉🎉🎉 In the past week, I have heard some of the most ridiculous reasons attempting to explain why some people can't lose weight. Just a sampling: ❌Toxins ❌ Mold ❌ Cortisol ❌ Menopause ❌ Glutenz ❌ Gut bacteria FFS. These are 1st world problems. They don't PREVENT fat loss. No matter... Continue Reading →

Ditching Perfectionism

One of our group mottos is “Consistency is better than Perfection.” Another one is “Done is better than Perfect.” 👉This was a really great podcast about perfectionism. I work with a lot of clients who suffer from this and I talk to all sorts of women daily who are affected, even crippled by it. Some... Continue Reading →

Got Milk?

👉 If you are skipping out on dairy for any reason other than true allergy or you just don’t like it, you are missing out on SO many benefits. PACKED with protein, calcium-rich and satiating, it is a dieter’s dream food. Plus the calcium may help inhibit fatty acid absorption. (It’s almost 2018, there are... Continue Reading →

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