Breaking the myths around resistance training for youths.

🏋🏻‍♀️🏋️‍♂️BE INFORMED. GET EDUCATED🏋🏻‍♀️🏋️‍♂️ This question comes up every so often and it’s usually shrouded in fear and misunderstanding. However, there’s an enormous amount of research with respect to youth and resistance training. As always, do yours and don’t fall for conjecture and fear mongering. (I’ve compiled the research for you, you only need to... Continue Reading →


Organic food and cancer risks.

🍏By now, many of you have probably seen that awful study/article about organic food being tied to lower cancer risk. Beside being crazy flawed (see how/why in main link below) they used epidemiological studies. Which means they evaluate whether there is a correlation or causal relationship between exposure to a substance and adverse health effects.... Continue Reading →

Muscle, does a body good

L❤️VE THOSE BODY SCULPT & BOOTCAMP CLASSES? 🛑 STOP AND READ THIS ASAP! 🛑 I know many do. Wonder why most everybody looks the same month after month and year after year? Sure, a Calorie deficit + extra Calorie burn from those classes will have you losing “weight” and therefore, any muscle you have underneath... Continue Reading →

Fitness and your menstrual cycle

📌A topic that continues to come up both with clients and in fitness circles and is too often shrouded in confusion, is the loss of one’s menstrual cycle. I wish it would become a topic spoken about more freely and intelligently as opposed to being met with such secrecy, confusion, and sometimes even misguided joy.... Continue Reading →

Fitspiration: does more harm than good

❌ Is FITSPIRATION giving you a body image disorder?? (If you are human - Probably) 🆘 For those of you who are highly dissatisfied with your body and/or highly invested in your appearance, you are at increased risk of developing negative body image outcomes every time you are exposed to body-related images on social media.... Continue Reading →

Probiotics and gut health

💩💩 LET’S TALK POOP 💩💩 Probiotics are becoming increasingly known for being useless and a waste of your cash. These are the first human studies to measure the effects of probiotics in the gut microbiome, not the feces. Worse than useless, the 2nd study showed probiotics to have some long term harmful effects when used after... Continue Reading →

Considerations before hiring a coach

⭐️The RP article linked below gives excellent advice and is something I think you should read prior to hiring a coach. It’s kind of a how-to guide for being a good client and a “list of things we coaches wish you knew before you hired us.” But it just scratches the surface of what many... Continue Reading →

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