Ditching Perfectionism

One of our group mottos is “Consistency is better than Perfection.” Another one is “Done is better than Perfect.” 👉This was a really great podcast about perfectionism. I work with a lot of clients who suffer from this and I talk to all sorts of women daily who are affected, even crippled by it. Some... Continue Reading →


Got Milk?

👉 If you are skipping out on dairy for any reason other than true allergy or you just don’t like it, you are missing out on SO many benefits. PACKED with protein, calcium-rich and satiating, it is a dieter’s dream food. Plus the calcium may help inhibit fatty acid absorption. (It’s almost 2018, there are... Continue Reading →

Stop the ‘Toning’ madness

I just had to make a meme of one of my fave quotes. #nevergetsold #5thgradehumor Plus, I really need to drive home 4 points: ✅ We don't lift weights to burn Calories; we train to build muscle and retain the muscle we have. We don't lift light weights faster in order to burn more. That... Continue Reading →


❓You know when that person posts that ab pic and you comment "GOALS" 🙌 ⁉️ Well did you ever stop to think how unsustainable and unhealthy those abs were to achieve? Meaning, that level of body fat is neither natural nor sustainable for most females. ‼️ That person starved themself, must continue to starve themself,... Continue Reading →

You can’t grow muscle with cardio

⚠️ Based on what I am told by women all day I need to address the continued misinformation regarding what grows muscle. Unfortunately, many still believe that kickbacks on the stair stepper can build a booty. 🙄 ⚠️ It cannot. That's cardio. That burns calories, fat & even lean mass. Keep doing it and you'll... Continue Reading →

Sculpting pebbles

⚠️ If you are *unhappy* with your body shape & size, yet fall in the 'healthy' or 'underweight' category on the BMI chart, well then let me be the one to break it to you: YOU DO NOT HAVE A FAT PROBLEM: YOU HAVE A LACK OF MUSCLE PROBLEM. 💡🎯💡🎯💡🎯💡🎯 ⚠️ And no matter how... Continue Reading →

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