CLIENT CASE STUDY: Diet Do’s & Don’ts

📌130 lb sedentary female (5k steps/day, 1hr resistance training 4x per week) 📌Thinks she has to eat 1200 Calories to lose fat. (I say fat because she is resistance training and consuming adequate protein so the weight lost would be fat and not muscle) 📌But she cannot adhere to 1200 Calories. This is what her... Continue Reading →


Breaking your bad habits

🔅I’ve spoken about this before but it bears repeating and I’ll never pass up an opportunity to share a short, scientific animated video. (5 mins.) 🔅Good habits can be just as ‘addictive’ as bad habits. 👉So replace a bad one with a good one and let it take root. Eventually, it will become part of... Continue Reading →

Hyper-palatable foods: Eat More = Want More

🍪🍩We already know that hyper-palatable, calorically dense foods are LESS satiating. Which means we can eat much more of them, not feel full or satisfied and want to continue eating them well after we are full. 🥗🥦Conversely, bland, voluminous, nutrient dense foods are MORE satiating. Which means we will eat less of them (Calorie-wise, although... Continue Reading →

Muscle loss and Dieting

👉A question I get asked about all the time is muscle loss while dieting. And what people think causes it to occur and what actually does are totally different things. 👉Everyone seems to think that the SIZE of the deficit somehow equals these large losses in their muscle mass. For the most part (outside of... Continue Reading →

Meal Prepping 101

👩🏻‍🍳I am genuinely shocked at how often I am told by both clients and group members that they feel it is difficult to find delicious, protein-rich, dare I say “healthy” meals that they want to cook, eat and enjoy. 🌮 Now, if you've been eating restaurant food, takeout and other prepared meals frequently, then home... Continue Reading →

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