Don’t fear the scale

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I say the right picture is priceless.¬†And I'm not talking about a Picasso. If you are trying to build muscle yet are still obsessed with the scale and wanting to weigh LESS? Well, you're doing it wrong. You want to weigh *more.* Yup. MORE muscle =... Continue Reading →

Embrace the suck

The hunger, cravings & food obsession (food network, anyone?) you experience while dieting are NOT strange or unusual. Not in the least. You are not different or unique. Everyone has similar alterations in hormones while dieting and the side effects you experience are due to those altered hormones and your body's attempts to return to... Continue Reading →

What The Health: A Crockumentary

I haven't spoken much about the crockumentary "What The Health" because quite frankly, it's annoying AF and I'm sick of hearing about it. It's come up in here and been discussed briefly but I had no intention of beating it to death and was quite adamant that I was NOT going to do a PSA.... Continue Reading →

Cardio is not a dirty word

SATURDAY PSA: No, leg day is NOT the same as doing cardio. Want to increase your life expectancy? Skip trendy "fixes" like: NO sugar NO gluten NO GMOs NO diet soda Instead, pay more attention to (increasing) your cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) or lack thereof. I am horrified at the lack of cardio being performed among... Continue Reading →

Finding your why – Part 2

See Part 1 here NEVER ACCEPT DEFEAT! (Long post alert- cursing involved) So I'm hoping everyone has had some time to think about their "WHY" and come up with some answers and short term feasible goals. I sure have, so I'll go first. Mine used to be to be the biggest, strongest, natty, old AF... Continue Reading →

Making assumptions without knowledge

I would love for everyone to read this. I grow tired of hearing the judgment about lack of self control, lack of willpower or lack of self respect. Seriously, shut the fuck up about other people's size & shape until you've walked in their shoes or know their story. And then shut up again and... Continue Reading →

Emotional Eating and how to combat it

Ok - real talk. I've had quite a few clients, non clients and posts on this page asking/talking about binge or emotional eating and how to combat it. We all know there are no quick and easy answers and that any solution will require some fortitude & self awareness. It's not as simple as will... Continue Reading →

Finding your why

Some thoughts/idea on goals & finding your WHY. Seriously, if I had $1 for every person struggling to lose those last 5-10 lbs who are unable to answer "Why?" I'd be one rich bitch. If you can't answer that or if your reason is that you think you would be happier, more loved, more respected,... Continue Reading →

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